L'école du cheval heureux


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Welcome to the school of happy horse. 

You will find here a résumé of our school, if you need more infos get in touch with us we will answer you with pleasure.

At the school of happy horse your todler will become an actor of his or her relationship with horses.


We want to create a real interaction with respect and security in main point. 


ALL our SERVICES are listed here. 


We offer our knowledge from the walk acquisiton of your little one and we start bulding the apprentiship at the age of 3. 


Here you don't have to ride the horse, every first step are teached by the side of the pony to increase confidence. 


We are unique and we are proud of our difference, you can come and try us without any engagement. 


You can contact us for more infos on the following number : 079/904.14.17 or by e-mail at : ecolechevalheureux@gmail.com




Little todler (from the walk acquisition to 3yrs)   |     

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Junior ( from 3 yrs to 5yrs)  |     

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Young ( from 5yrs to 10 yrs)   |     

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Adult ( from 10 yrs)     |     

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